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Ballard's Last Stand

Since 1904

The Old Home Saloon operated in this building in 1905. The owners of the saloon special ordered the back bar from the Brunswick Company of Cincinnati, Ohio and installed it in this building in 1904 for their grand opening. Because the majority of the population were fisherman, loggers, millworkers and prostitutes Ballard had a Wild West flair after the turn of the century that even the Wild West no longer had.

The Old Home Saloon made it through prohibition intact and in 1950 Gus and Pat Malmen took over the business, renamed it “Malmen’s Fine Foods” and performed a huge state of the art remodel. Inside and out, most of the remodel remains in place today. Except for the state of the art part. Malmen's was the finest place to dine and drink in Ballard in the 50’s and 60’s.

In 1967 George West and his nephew Gary Enger bought Malmen’s and re-named the business Hattie’s Hat. Hattie was George’s wife’s favorite Aunt. And the bar was named Aunt Harriet’s Lounge after his favorite Aunt Harriet.

There is a long-standing belief that the back bar is from France and was sailed around Cape Horn. While there is no chance it was carved in France it could have been sailed around the cape. According to the Brunswick Company it was made in either Cincinnati or Dubuque, Iowa. As far as shipping, it was either shipped out via the Northern Pacific Railway, or floated down the Mississippi River, loaded onto a ship in New Orleans and sailed around the cape. Either way, it’s pretty cool.

Only the bar knows for sure...